SHORTLIST is the brainchild of Mr Foluso Phillips affectionately known as FOP by his employees. As the head of Phillips Consulting a prominent recruitment firm in Nigeria, during weddings, birthdays and gatherings FOP would find himself constantly inundated with CV’s.

“Forward them on to the Phillips Consulting portal” became equally as disheartening for him to say as it was for the recipients to hear. It was clear Phillips Consulting had only a finite number of job openings, versus the thousands of CV’s they received.

Then came his question … “What if we opened up our database outside of Phillips, to any Employer who had job opportunities?”

Not only giving candidates more exposure but also allowing businesses of all sizes to source their own talent, quickly, cheaply and directly. And so SHORTLIST was born, a talent pool where Employers and Candidates could connect based on skill matches and opportunities, an offering where:

So with our users truly at the heart of what we do, we are a small team that has built a product we are very proud of and hope you feel the same way…