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Learning and Innovation Manager - Security Education Initiative \ Lagos


Our client is looking for an experience Learning & Development Professional to develop and roll out relevant training materials to support the strategic growth of their company.
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Education Initiative
Responsible for managing the entire institution, required to know and deploy a cradle to mastery learning solutions that are totally unique to the market while cognizant of the career development of Halogen employees

Reporting Relationships Roles Reports To: Managing Director/GM, Human Capital and Training
Direct Reports: ¤ As assigned and required by the Business Unit ¤ Sales Man
¤ Business Developer/Customer Service Driver ¤ Quality Controller Tools Relationships
¤ Official Vehicle (depending on SBU budget and criticality) ¤ Laptop ¤ Internet Access ¤ Telephone and Intercom Internal
¤ The Company Executive or CX Suite ¤ All HODs ¤ All Subordinates ¤ All company employees ¤ All Operatives External
¤ Customers ¤ Global Alliances and Strategic Partners
¤ Contractors and Suppliers
¤ Professional Security Institutions ¤ Enrolees and Students

Responsibilities I.
• Lead academic and career development of students while being mindful of the business development initiatives and achievement of set Revenue targets of the schools under the Education Initiative
• Lead with a customer - centric approach mind-set, polices and standards that are aimed at ensuring optimal utilization of the company/departmental resources for the overall achievement of the company's set objectives; long-term and periodic.
• Ensure legal and regulatory compliance regarding all tenders and contractual commitments of the company.
• Target the top leadership position of the industry with strong local foothold II. Operational • Provide leadership; academic and administrative for the schools • Be responsible for the strategic development of the School, creating a strong business plan for the present and the future vision of the school
• Represent the parent organization and the schools in managing relationships and alliances and also all related accountabilities with
• Develop programs and markets for the school to cover but not limited;
1. Internal Development Programs
2. Certificate in Security Management o Diploma in Security Management
3. Executive Management Programs o Security Seminars o Specialized Security Certificates
4. Monotecnic or Specialized University Programs
• Playing a leading role in the formulation of academic strategy, policy and planning at School and Faculty level through the faculty teams
• Provide coordination in the School towards; o The maintenance of academic standards in the School o Creating an environment for research in the school programs o Establishing strong integration and collaboration between faculty and students
• Ensuring excellence in the quality of education with the consistent review and development of teaching and learning programs
• Conducts periodic evaluations of programs, services, procedures and policies to ensure that the programs are effective, responsive to student expectations.
• Utilizes analytical results and data to design, develop and implement innovative and effective enrolments
• Develops strategic projections of programs and staffing requirements including the budgeting of all expenditures and the development, identification and projection of long‐ and short‐range requirements for budget preparation purposes

III. Reporting and Analysis
• Develop and Review commercial reports and present to GM and Exco, when requested but not limited to; o Client Prospects Pipeline Status o Revenue Milestone Reports
• Review and monitor business operating reports, ensuring effectiveness as to analyze the following; o Impact of service on Customers o Customer Improvement Potential
• Provide long-range economic trends reports reflecting opportunities that exist in the industry, identifying our; o Market Share Growth o Industry Operating Percentile IV. Profile of Role
• The Rector must have the following qualities;
o A renowned Professor with track record of outstanding academic and research output in contribution to knowledge and possessing a pedigree of national and international background
o Expectedly with experience in Tertiary education with background in Security Education is of great advantage
1. Of high moral standards, impeccable character, with strong emphasis on performance, integrity and consistency
2. Proficient in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and committed in integrating ICT systems in the school programs to enhance quality of delivery
3. Capable of relating effectively with government, non – governmental organizations, the Alumni and fostering of alliances between schools and outside Nigeria
• Competencies:
1. Familiarity with curriculum development and administration
2. Proven strong managerial and collegial leadership goals and philosophy of undergraduates o Should have demonstrated knowledge of administrative support areas including fiscal, budgetary, human resources management, and information technology
3. Should have demonstrated positive leadership in developing collaborative relationships with internal and external constituencies o Have successful experiences in conflict resolution and long‐range program planning

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