I built my profile on shortlist Nigeria and I payed 3000 naira for one year. I needed a job seriously so I had my fingers crossed. 24 hours later I received a mail and a call for an interview, I was greatly surprised. I did the first stage of interview and 2nd stage. I got a job through shortlist Nigeria.


Two companies short listed me and it was very hard to make a choice because both offers were tempting, but finally I did and I have ‎a new job courtesy of shortlist. Thank You.


I was discovered on Shortlist. I went through the process of the interviews and eventually, I landed the Job. Yours is a great platform of discovery. Thank you Shortlist.


I found out about ShortList Nigeria from a magazine I read, then I visited their YouTube page. I was impressed and decided to register and within a week I got a call from Phillips Consulting scheduling me for an interview. I got a job with a lot of responsibilities for me to build my skills and career on. I implore Job seekers to give ShortList+ a try. You stand a lot to benefit.


Hello Shortlist,
It is with great happiness I write this. I want to sincerely appreciate you as I was able to get a new job offer with African Industries with the help of your agency. I can't express my sincere gratitude enough. I truly appreciate you for a great job well done on SHORTLIST


I got my present job through SHORTLIST NIGERIA. It was like a dream come true when so many Nigerians fault and have doubts about this kind of job- seeking portals. Most of my friend created their SHORTLIST profile "sharp sharp" when it was obvious it worked for me. It became like "if Emilia could get it, then I can too".


Shortlist Nigeria is a great platform for job seeker. I was able to secure a job through the platform in IT firm as territorial marketer August last year. The platform has great tools which distinguished it from other job site. Its the best among all. I want to use this medium to say thank you to Shortlist Nigeria.


I uploaded my CV information on the shortlist platform late September and got shortlisted by various companies.I got hired recently and I have resumed work in my new company.
I am so glad I came across shortlist and I recommend it to all professionals, no stress. it's a unique way of getting a job most people don't know about. Thanks Shortlist.


I honestly can't express my joy and happiness when my dream job was offered unto through the aid of SHORTLIST NIGERIA. It was all like a joke when I was shortlisted for a job role by a large IT company but then I was asked to accept or reject which I did (accepted it).

After being interviewed alongside others I was offered the job. Such happiness is what SHORTLIST NIGERIA has brought to me. Thanks


Shortlisting Nigeria is not only reliable but also efficient. I registered and on two occasions I have been called by a big online shopping site for the post of Revenue Reporting Lead and the post of internal auditor for a Healthcare company.

I however proved people wrong at the 2014 Annual Accountants' Conference in Abuja when colleagues were discussing about Shortlisting. i told them my story and that changed the whole thing. Please keep doing the good job. Welldone.


When I first heard about shortlist, I was not really amazed with them because some of the recruitment firms in Nigeria always behave funny.

I was in Gtbank and saw someone with shortlist jotter and approach the man if he is a staff of shortlist with the hope that he can help me for job. He directed me to the shortlist site; I fill the form with my contact and pay the payment.

My first interview with an estate firm in Lekki really opens a door of success for me. Have been employ by a company through shortlist as Sale-Manager with official car. Shortlist has really helped me and thank you for saving me from being jobless


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